Are you struggling with focus, procrastination, anxiety, self-esteem, forgetfulness, or creativity?

Not long ago we were all busy with work and overwhelmed by our devices. Now, with the world “on pause,” most of us are in different, but very similar circumstances. There’s less to do, but more to distract us. We turn to Netflix, social media, and 24-hour news instead of focusing on who we need to be to build a meaningful future. 

Life today is characterized by increased levels of frustration, depression, and worry over finances. But even those lucky enough to be able to work from home face distractions by an increased dependence on devices and interruptions from children, pets, and spouses

Meet Brian Solis


BRIAN SOLIS is one of the world’s leading digital anthropologists and futurists who has been called “one of the greatest digital analysts of our time.”

After two decades of promoting the virtues and promise of disruptive tech, Brian found himself at a crossroads. 

When Brian set out to write his last book, he was stuck. He  couldn’t even finish a satisfactory book proposal. 

At this point he  realized his  attention span, creativity, clarity, and drive were misfiring.

His ability to imagine and think critically was fractured and fragmented. He was distraught, frustrated, and close to defeat.


If ignorance is bliss, awareness is awakening. Introducing LIFESCALE!

In Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life, best-selling author Brian Solis shares techniques, thought experiments, and transformative exercises designed to tame life’s chaos, rebuild focus and navigate our day-to-day lives.


Drawing on extensive research and his personal creative rebirth, Brian takes the reader (or audiobook listener) on a journey to rediscover our purpose and our true selves.Lifescale will help you learn to manage your time and inspire your own life in a way that brings meaning back – without sacrificing the genuine positive benefits of our devices and relationships


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  • "A blueprint for finding balance is presented by Brian Solis in his best-selling book, Lifescale.”

  • “Best Business and Leadership Book of 2019”
    Amazon Editors

  • “10 Best Personal Brand Books for Summer Reading”

  • “A Book on Focus, Designed for the Distracted, Promises to Spark Your Creativity”

  • “Lifescaling is a mental overhaul process meant to help identify your values and make sure they’re guiding your work.”

  • “Brian Solis Wants to Rescale Your Life to Thrive in a Digital Age”

  • “Brian Solis writes candidly about being overcome by distraction. And he realized many of his loved ones were in the same situation: “We started consuming more than we were creating. We traded expression and imagination for scrolls, swipes, and likes. We were intoxicated by the blurring of life between physical and digital.”
    -Arianna Huffington

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